About Us


Havas Budapest is a multinational integrated advertising agency where the digital approach is in the heart of our everyday thinking. We help our clients with the most future-oriented business ideas to solve their issues and overcome their challenges.

The agency was founded in 1989, just after the political changes which means we are one of the most experienced ad agencies of the country.
Over the past decades we gained vast experience in most of the business sectors, with special focus on FMCG, IT and automotive sectors.

To learn more about us please see our works or browse our latest studies.

  • Our Services and Capabilities

    Our Services and Capabilities

    Founded in 1835, Havas employs 20,000 people in over 100 countries. Havas is the most integrated Group in its sector, with most of its creative and media teams sharing the same premises, Havas Villages, designed to increase synergies and creativity for its clients.

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  • Creative Business Ideas®

    Creative Business Ideas®

    In a multi-channel, interactive world of digitally empowered consumers, advertising is no longer about ads. It’s about brilliantly integrated creative ideas. We formalized our approach to these ideas and gave them a name: Creative Business Ideas®. 

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  • The True Story of Charles-Louis Havas

    The True Story of Charles-Louis Havas

    Hungarians are usually raising their eyebrows when hearing the name Havas. Not by chance!
    Get to know the adventurous life of our founding father and find out what links him to Hungary.
    True story!

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